Presenting the new

Tishrei Guide

A Beautiful  8 or 12 page booklet with Full Color Customization on FOUR pages! Order ANY AMOUNT! (500 Minimum)


Dates for all guides are as follows:

Order Deadline Print Deadline
Tishrey Guides: 22 Av Rosh Chodesh Ellul
Chanukah Guides: 15 Av 25 Cheshvanv
Purim Guides: Rosh Chodesh Shvat 15 Shvat
Pesach Guides: Zayin Adar Erev Purim
Shavuos Guides: 10 Iyar Lag B’Omer


Pricing for all guides:

  • Setup Fee $75 per order
  • 25 cents per guide
  • Surcharge of 10 cents per guide, plus extra $50 setup for Guides printed after Print Deadline.


Optional Services:

Donation form inserts: 10 cents each (Can also be used for Mechiras Chometz / Envelopes not included)

Mail Preparation – 8 cents each – includes Barcoding, Tabbing, with postage forms supplied for your post office

Mailing to your list – 30 cents each – includes mail prep, plus postage and submission to post office (Mail time can take up to two weeks).


 Shipping fees are extra.


This all comes together with the excellent ChabadPrints customer service, reliability, fast turnaround, famous barcoding, and more!