Any special or specific instructions unique to an order must be clearly stated in the last message/note on the site when approving to print an order. Because of the high volume of messages/notes with complicated orders, ChabadPrints cannot be held responsible for failing to notice special instructions placed in early notes prior to the last message when approving to print an order.

For All Orders:

Effective 1/20/21 orders paid by credit card will include 3% surcharge to cover the credit card fees.  To avoid this fee, you may pay via Paypal or Zelle.  Due to paper shortages and inflation, paper surcharges of 7% (Min $2) will be added to orders.  Due to Postage increases, mailing postage fees will be 6 cents above postage prices for long distance mailings.  Minimum Mailing Fee is $110 (for 500 pieces)

Orders with items of less than $50 in printing fees are subject to a $20 setup fee per item without addressing or barcoding, and $20 for items with addressing and barcoding.  For items with more than $50 in printing, the minimum fee for addressing and barcoding is $10.

Free shipping is only for postcard orders of 1200 – 1900 Pieces.  Oversized postcards larger that 8.5 X 5.5 get a surcharge of 5 to 15 cents a piece depending on order size.

Free text customization of any of the existing designs found in our gallery is only for the first 3 PDF’s we send you for approval. After that, each PDF is $15 (these charges may be waived on large orders per our discretion). If changes need to be made due to an error on our part, the faulty PDF will not count towards these amounts. (See below re: we are not responsible for spelling or grammar).

Free Text Customization applies only when communication is via typed messages on the online order. Emails, Phone calls, scanned images, ect with corrections disqualify free text customization for that PDF (while advancing the count of PDF’s in reference to the numbers above).  ChabadPrints will not be held responsible for any instructions from emails, phone calls, or scanned images.  All instructions must be clearly typed in messages on the order on the web site.

Free text customization applies to only changing the text of a design as it is already laid out. Any changes requiring moving of text fields, or creating new text fields to incorporate your text into the design could incur a design fee.

Free text customization applies only when corrections are given as clearly typed information in messages via the site which can be copied and pasted.  Any other form of corrections which cannot be copied and pasted do not qualify for Free text customization.

Any PDF that is not free according to these policy guidelines is $15.

Separate PDF’s for posters (when we are creating a layout for postcards or flyers) add to the PDF count (as opposed to when the front of the flyer is used as is, no extra PDF is required).  Free Text Customization is only for English. Hebrew or any other language (than English) is an extra charge of $15 per PDF.

Folded items on cardstock require scoring.  Setup fee for scoring is $75 per score.   Minimum fold fees of $10 are per fold.  Scoring for large orders of 1000+ is 10 cents per score.

When submitting your order be sure to include, in addition to the information about your event or program, your return address, and indicia information. Even if we have done past jobs for you this information needs to be resubmitted. Please note we only copy from your messages or files, we do not correct spelling or grammar!

As all orders are custom made, all orders are final.  Returns are not accepted under any circumstance.

Address lists:

Address lists should be submitted with the whole name (salutation, first name, last name) in ONE field.  While the city, state, and zip codes should be in three separate fields.  Any errors due to needing to merge or separate fields in lists submitted in any other way or form are NOT the responsibility of Chabad Prints.

Design Charges:

Minimum Design Charge is $25, when any change beyond text customization is requested.

While design fees for new designs are flat rate (as listed on our pricing page), these rates only apply for the first three PDF’s (of the general design). After the first three PDF’s, there is a charge $15 per PDF until the general design is approved. Once the general design is approved, the process of text customization begins, which receives more free PDF’s according to the numbers listed above.

Once you approve to print we do not accept responsibility for any unnoticed errors.


The minimum shipping fee is $20 for UPS. Free shipping applies only to orders where print ready PDF’s are submitted by customer, not requiring any special setup or alterations, and where the printing value is at least $100. Free shipping is only for actual shipping charges, and does not cover insurance – which is required for all packages.

ChabadPrints is not responsible for items once they have been submitted to the shipping company. Any damage or loss from the time we have submitted items to the shipping company is not reimbursable by ChabadPrints. Any claims can only be made with the shipping company. ChabadPrints uses the USPS = Post Office, as they are cheapest and usually extremely reliable. We do not purchase insurance or extra tracking on items we ship. If you wish us to purchase insurance or extra tracking for shipped items you must explicitly notify us about this in writing (via the website). The Customer understands that the online tracking for Priority mail shows only delivery scans, and accepts that the creation of a tracking # by our system does imply that the package was given to the Post Office (even though the online tracking system will only show they were ‘notified’ of the shipment – as they do not perform any scans upon receiving the packages).

As ChabadPrints ships by default via USPS Priority Mail, any customers that choose to pick up orders, or arrange for their own delivery of their order, acknowledge that ChabadFlyers/ChabadPrints is absolved of all responsibility for whereabouts and tracking, delivery notification of the order, as well as timeliness of receiving their order.

Overnight Charges:

Any customers requesting rush orders accept minor quality imperfections in printing which may result from rushing the printing process.  All overnight orders will receive a RUSH FEE of $30. Orders shipped overnight may receive refunds on the shipping costs if the package does not arrive by the time guaranteed by the post office. However, as we need to make special trips to the post office for overnight orders (in addition to priority orders which we take after the overnight deadline of 5 PM), and we need to go back to the post office to receive the refund, we reserve the right to charge a refund fee of half of the refunded amount, up to $30, for this additional overnight refund service.